RF Consulting & Professional Services

we ready consulting for radio frequency and services level agreement 

Hardware & Integration Services

solution to upgrade your TETRA system and ready for sparepart 


Solution for your tetra coverage and solution for your plan BTS coverage area


Tetra modem solution for your comunicationn between dual network 

Antenna Solution

solution for Antenna systems antenna systems for a variety of applications, including radar, electronic warfare, communication

Visi & Misi

About us

PT. Wahyu Pratama Teknik was established in 2012 in Jakarta and began actively in 2014, and currently based in Bekasi (East of Jakarta). The company was first established to support the treatment of Tetra Trunking Radio Communication for public safety in Jakarta. Starting from the Care of the Trunked Radio Brands Rohde & Schwarz such.


Trouble ticketing web system accessible to customers and facilitate reporting system if there is damage. It will also speed up the repair process. Reporting time until completed improvements will be monitored by the customer well.

Along with its development, maintenance business was developed to provide a solution to the customer to increase the benefits of the use of radio trunking.

Solution usage tetra modems for SCADA, test coverage and optimizing networks including Tetra network gateway to other technology can facilitate radio users in their daily work.

Terminal user requests to monitor its fleet of our members to take seriously. It is addressed PT. Pratama Wahyu Teknik seriously, so that AVL software developing your own technique. Wireless AVL soon be launched in the 2nd quarter of 2016. While the software that connects to existing databases avl ready for the market.

In addition to support for Tetra business, PT. Pratama Wahyu Teknik also provides installation services brodcasting equipment from various brands. Type transmitter with air cooling and water can be installed in accordance with the work plan by both teams experienced.

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